More Info 3

Size of the group:

Min. 4 guests, max. 6 guests (basis: shared double room)


Transport (Mercedes Vito or Hyundai H 1), all entrances as listed, horseback rides as listed, all accommodation included breakfast and  7 x dinner (double room with bath, three to five star accommodation south African standard), qualified tour guide and riding guide. Please note that we cannot reimburse you for any activities you haven’t joined.

Horseback riding time: about 20 hours

Traveling distance in the vehicle: about 2500 km


Flights, lunch and alcoholic beverages , meals not listed, tips, personal expenditure, insurance.

Horses & saddles etc

Various breeds such as  Boerpony, thoroughbreds, south african warmblood, Appaloosas. Saddles are either trail saddles or English multi purpose saddles or western saddles. Bridles are either with a bit ore bitless like hackamore or bosal.

All the horses are well looked after, however, since most of them are living outdoors all year around, they might look scruffier then horses which are kept in stables. Also, these are trail horses, not sport horses, and are reliable and have nice natures but don’t have sport training.

Non – riding – guests:

We are also welcoming non-riding guests, plus, and even for riders it is okay not to do all of the offered rides. Everybody is welcome to do any optional activities (own costs), or you just use the time the other guests are on a ride to relax. However, we must ask you definitely mustnot have a horse-hair allergy etc. and you must understand there will be a lot of conversations around the horses and the rides.

Riding skills / fitness / weight limit

You must have a reasonable fitness and also you must be able to feel comfortable in every gait without holding on. Training in dressage / jumping etc is not necessary. However you need to be willing to adapt to different riding styles, saddles, bridles etc.

To protect the horses, our weight limit is 90 kg.

Our longest ride will be about six hours with regular breaks both for horses and riders.

All the rides are accompanied by your tour guide plus a local guide.

Clothes / riding equipment / what else to pack

Please bring comfortable, already worn riding trousers, a riding boots or walking shoes plus chaps, riding gloves and a comfortable hard hat with security closing. Your clothes need to be robust  (thorns etc!). You may want to use the “onion principle”, which means you dress in layers so you can adapt to the weather easily. Please also bring waterproof clothes. For our time off: comfortable clothes and walking shoes, and “smart casual” for our dinners.

Also: swimming costume, small backpack, drinking bottle, hat, enough sunscreen, insect repellent, whatever you use to take photos with sufficient memory, and a credit card (make sure you can use it in Africa).

Food / special diets:

South Africa is well known for its great food. South Africans love their meat and BBQs. Please note that it will be difficult to cater for special needs like gluten free or vegetarian or vegan. At all the places we visit the food and drinks are safe to consume.

Breakfast and dinners are mostly in form of a buffet.

Lunch will be either „on the road“ in a restaurant, or might also be a picnic, or at the lodge / hotel where we are staying.

Insurance / accidents / liability

No matter what sort of insurance you got, in case you need medical treatment, they will ask you to pay upfront. Please consider that horseback riding always contains certain risks, not matter how well trained etc the horses are. Please make sure you got insurance (health / accident) of your own.

You will not be able to participate unless you do sign a comprehensive indemnity form.


Between January and may it might be quiet warm, temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius (about 100 F) are not seldom especially in the first week of our trip, whereas during the second week, temperatures might fall down to about 5 degrees Celsius in the mornings. There are good chances of some rain fall, especially during the afternoons (so do remember to pack that rainproof gear!)